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Brock Ladd

I feel like I’ve been walking around with a camera in my hand since the age of 7 when my parents were showing me how to us a Polaroid camera for the first time.  I became instantly fascinated that you can capture and freeze any one moment in time.  As I got older, I starting learning that there was much more to this thing called photography and how it can tell a story.  By the time I was 15, I had my first camera and I took it everywhere with me. My dad was a surfer from Orange County CA growing up and I loved hearing all the great stories about him and his friends when they would go on surf trips or even ditch out on a few periods of school because the swell was good. This got me wanting to start capturing the beauty of waves and how much fun it is to surf with your friends and how moments feel like they can last a life time.  I owe my passion for photography to my parents who not only encouraged me to follow my dreams but pushed me a long the way to help make it happen.

Tina Cheng

I met Brock when I was in Southern California and had enough courage to ask him to "teach me more about photography". Fast forward some years, I am now at a place where I can call Hawaii my home, and  doing one of my favorite things as my profession. My special  interest lies in portraits and underwater photography. Capturing emotion is my art, especially when it's about people living in the present moment.

I also love to edit. Most of my free time, you can find me sitting in front of the computer playing with Lightroom and Photoshop. It's pretty crazy to me how manipulating shadows and color  completely changes the mood of the photo. I find editing to be an essential part of the photography process, and to be just as important as capturing an amazing photo. 

The Team

Our journey started in Southern California when we found that we shared a passion for photography, adventure, and the ocean. We took the jump to move to Hawaii and since then, have been building our strengths in this regard, launching Rockafish Photography in 2016.  Together, we strive to capture the beauty of nature and candid moments into a still. We hope that you can join us a we continue our journey!

(949)438-1032 / info@rockafishphotography.com

Photo: Elliot Basler

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